Aug 16, 2012

Six weeks later...

Phew! I have had a very busy six weeks!

It all started on Canada Day (July 1st for those of you who aren't lucky enough to live here). We picked up our newest family member, Rebel.
Rebel Boy
He is a very goofy boy, and is still very much a puppy despite his large size. He is much bigger than our other greyhound, Sally, but will not have his second birthday for another few weeks!

He loves to snuggle on the couch with us, and he loves his puppy sister. His sister loves him too, and he is fitting well into our family. He is 99.9% house trained now, though he still can't be trusted outside of the kitchen when we are gone as he likes to chew our son's toys.
Monkey and Rebel watching cartoons
At the very end of June I found out that one of my designs ideas was selected to be in a new eBook for a very well known online knitting retailer, so I have spend the last six weeks designing like crazy to get the pattern just perfect. While the construction in the end is very easy, it was like figuring out a 5000 piece puzzle without a photo. Only this puzzle not only had no photo, it was also only in one color, and not rectangle! I love how it turned out, and after I finally finish my Lady's Bumbershoot, I will cast on my own copy of it. I have the yarn that the retailer sent me, and I have some 100% cashmere from Colourmart, so I have to decide which one I am going to use first! The design itself is due to be published in February, so you will all have to wait 'till then to find out more about it. Trust me, I can't wait either.

In July we went on our family vacation (by family, I mean family - 17 people this year!) and had a great time. The weather was better than last year, and not stupid hot like the Columbia Valley usually gets this time of year. Lots of pool time, and, of course, knitting and spinning.  This was Renee's second trip, and she loves the view ;-)
I also finished my second Drop Leaf Shawlette, and I am very happy with it. I love how the colors turned out!
So there you go. Between work, WCOBBS stuff, visiting Heritage Park with the kids and everything else, that has been my last six weeks!

Happy knitting!