May 31, 2012

Remember Me?

Today's post officially marks two years that this blog has been sitting idle. I think it is a sign to get back to it!

So, what is new with me? Well, the mittens that I designed earlier in this blog have opened up a whole new world for me. I have started designing knitwear for over a year now, and have somehow managed to publish a few of them, but that is a whole other story. One that I will brooch soon.

Right now I am planning on a very busy upcoming month. Munchkin is in his last month of Kindergarten, and is participating in swimming, hip hop, soccer and golf lessons in June. I can't wait for the crazyness to end!

Our amazing greyhound, Limbo, passed away December of 2012 of cancer. We found another greyhound in January of this year, named Sally (or Silly Sally, or Sally Bally). She is just about to get a new grey-brother in a few weeks, so I am sure you will hear a lot about that. He is fresh off the track (which we haven't had before, all our greys were fostered first) so there will be a lot of growing pains, methinks.

So, not bad for a first crack in 2 years :-) TTYL!

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