Jun 7, 2012

Moving On

Now that Knit Magazine (formerly YarnForward) is no longer in the hands of All Craft Media, I am able to re-release the three patterns that were published with them independently.

I am bitter about my Commuter going missing. It would take quite a lot to convinced me that it was not stolen by a member of the senior staff of ACM. I think that part of that bitterness is because I don't believe, based on past actions of this person, that she feels the slightest bit of remorse about it. It is pretty, and now it is hers. I hope she is allergic to alpaca. and deceit. I am very sad with the whole thing, not only because of what happened to me, but to everyone else too.

The massive amount of negativity surrounding this magazine publisher for the last six months (failure to pay designers, failure to return samples, failure to mail out purchased yarn, failure to pay their bills, rent etc.), tainted my all three patterns. I am hoping that more people have the opportunity to make these items now that they are no longer associated with the magazine.

That said, I am optimistic that re-releasing these patterns will also help me move on. So, without further adieu, here they are:

Commuter Caplet

(c) Michael Ritz 2012
Photo courtesy Michael Ritz

As most ladies dress coats have a ‘V’ neck collared front and no hood, commuter protects you where the coat stops. It covers the gap between the coat’s collar, so no more scrunching up your scarf to try to fill the void. Its turtleneck keeps your neck warm without falling off your shoulders like a scarf would, and by flipping up the turtleneck it will protect your face when the wind is really howling. The hood is generous enough to keep the wind off your ears and the snow off your curls, without squashing that up-do you spent half your morning creating. You will still look fabulous at the big meeting no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. When the sun comes out to play on the weekend, its simple style also serves double duty over a sweater and jeans.

The model is my Sister-in-Law, Aimee. Isn't it a great shot?

Available on my Ravelry store or at my Etsy shop.

Commander-In-Chief Handbag

This bag was inspired by a military-style pea coat, and can be made with or without pockets. Mix it up with different colors, handles, and embellishment to suit your style!

Available on my Ravelry store or at my Etsy shop.



Playa del Cardi

Playa del Cardi is a seamless, hooded cardigan that is incredibly light and airy. Perfect for those warm summer nights, or wear it with jeans for a day of shopping.

Available on my Ravelry store or at my Etsy shop.

So there you have it. Moving on, or trying to anyway.

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