Mar 29, 2013

Infinity Cardigan!

In February, Knit Picks released their spring collection, called First Light. It is a fantastic collection of patterns that are perfect for the beginning of spring.

I am proud to say that I have a pattern in this collection, called the Infinity Cardigan. It is a circular style cardigan, but isn't constructed like any out there. It is knit in one piece without seams so that the cables flow without end. I also designed it with reversible cables so that there is no wrong side showing when the front folds!

Infinity Cardigan by Tamara Ell, available from Knit Picks
There have been a few questions about the provisional cast on portion after the sleeve, so I have put together a quick photo tutorial for anyone who may have become hung up on that part of the pattern.

First, you will finish the 7th row of the last repeat of the sleeve. On the 8th row you will be adding extra stitches to accommodate the front, so make sure you remember this step. After this row is complete, you will take the specified number of stitches you just worked (based on the size you are working on), and put them on hold with waste yarn or stitch holders.

You will have your working yarn coming off of these held stitches.

Switch to straight or circular needles if you are working on DPNs.

Next, pick up the back loops of your crocheted chain with the empty needle.

Work Row 1 across these back loop stitches.

Now you are all set up to begin working the front charts. 


  1. karen rogersDecember 29, 2017

    after finishing the front part, how do you go from front to the back incorporating the sleeve stitches on hold

  2. karen rogersDecember 30, 2017

    please help me understand your directions on the infinity sweater. when you finish the sleeve and the front which are connected to the 64 stitch on needle, how do you go to working the 144 stitches to working the 60 stitch on reserve needle. it is on the wrong side and it get twisted. help.