Jan 23, 2010

Ahhh, Saturday

Yesterday was a pretty busy day! I got a lot done though, including coordinating three more WCOBBS blankets, Yay!

Last night I started carding up some yummy cotswold on my new drum carder. It is a Strauch Finest, and I love it. I use to have a Louet Jr, but this suits my needs much better. I have a whole bedroom full of raw fiber and this is making quick work of it!

Here is one of the batts that came off of it yesterday (partially spun already, I just couldn't wait!):

Here is the single it is making, really soft spun long draw:

It was from this fleece:

I originally was thinking about using this fleece for the Ravelympics vest, but I don't think I have enough so I will use something else. Besides, it's not like I don't have anything else to choose from ;-)

As for today, well, I don't have much planned. I am still in my jammies and will probably stay that way 'till we have to leave for family dinner tonight. Ahhhh, hot tea from my Keurig and I am a happy girl... did I mention that the boys have gone to the motorcycle store and won't be back for hours?

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