Jan 31, 2010

Must be Mrs. Crazy

Sooooooo, I really must be crazy. I just cast on my Olympic Sweater. It is the Dale of Norway one:

My goal is to be able to wear it for the olympics.... I am crazy. Lucky I have one trick up my sleeve. My knitting machine. I have the front up to the v-neck split done already! I have decided to do the colorwork by hand (I don't quite trust my machine with patterning yet) so I have transfered it off to my needles now. We shall see if I can get this done in two weeks!

Oh, and about Avatar in IMAX 3D? If you get the chance, you must go. It costs more to do the IMAX, but it is worth every penny. Seriously. This is the way all movies should be viewed from now on. It was absolutely unreal. Ok, so the story line was predictable, but the characters were good, and there was no goofy one like jar-jar binks or anything. If you want to see something so amazing that you won't even want it to end, go get your tickets now. Right now. You can thank me later.

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