Jan 27, 2010

Can we just snuggle here all day?

Every weekday morning I listen to the news on the radio then go into Monkey's bed to snuggle him awake. It is our little moment that we share. I tickle him awake and it (hopefully) starts his day off happy. This morning, he didn't want to be tickled. At all.

Uh oh, grumpy three year old, run for your lives!

Then it came "Can we just snuggle here all day Mommy?" Oh, I wished more than anything I could have said yes! Nope, I had to go to work today. Bummer. The promise of Tree House and waffles was enough to get him out of bed, but I think I am still there!

Anyway, not much has happened in the days since my last post. I tried to do a carding test on the raw wool that I wanted to do for the Ravelympics vest, but I was not happy with it at all. I was happy, however, with how well the test spin of the mill fun run fiber was. The roving was not next to skin at all, but it had amazingly bright and fun colors. Perfect for Monkey. I did a nice two ply spun one handed woolen long draw (insert ode to Paula Simmons here). It was still full of VM, but it turned out quite nice. I has about a quarter of a bobbin left after the two ply was done and so I chain plied the rest. Wow did I like the chain ply! Did I mention I plied on my bulky spinner so I got all 8 ounces on one skein?

After I took the skein off the spinner, I washed and whacked it. I couldn't believe how soft it got! It is sooooo soft now!

Problem is, I want to knit with it now! First Manbeast's transformers hat, then Ravelympics projects, then the unmentionable project, then I can knit with it. Will it ever forgive me for making it sit that long? My only consolation is that I have now decided to spin more of that fiber for the Ravelympics vest for monkey as the raw wool carding wasn't what I was hoping for. Wow, I managed to come full circle on that one!


  1. I have never seen a bulky spinning wheel like yours. I love it! Can you share what it is and where you got it or how you made it?
    Thank you,
    Allison Kennedy (ahkatelier on Ravelry)

  2. Honestly, it was purchased via Kijiji and the owner didn't know much about it, so she must have obtained it from someone else (she also didn't know it was worth more than the $30.00 she charged me for it). It is obviously the bottom of an old treadle sewing machine and the rest looks all hand made. Whoever made it did a good job!